AFPI originated in Los Angeles, California because of the deep trust and friendship built up here among senior leaders from the three Abrahamic traditions who have been active together in the peace movement for several decades. Since the era of anti-Vietnam War rallies and through anti-nuclear campaigns and the first Gulf War, relationships and trust have been built in the local interfaith community.

Beginning in 2006, these same religious leaders organized a series of meetings in which active laypeople, clergy and religious educators came together to discuss the obligation for peacemaking, conversing both within their own faith traditions and across faith lines. An important aspect of the work has been self-examination – a willingness to confront troubling texts and principles in support of war and push to the surface the robust theological support for peace in each faith tradition. Dedicated Muslims, Jews and Christians continue to gather, to wrestle with their own traditions, and to share with one another their struggles and revelations.

There are many obvious examples of religion’s hand in warmaking, ethnic cleansing and genocide throughout the centuries and today. Religious justifications often underpin violence, standing alongside the claims of national leaders that their behavior is rational, required for national security, or even reflects the will of God. And although Christians, Jews and Muslims all claim that their religions are religions of peace, each has adherents who endorse and even encourage violence and wars.

In contrast, we assert that peacemaking – as a concept and an action — is absolutely central to Islam, Judaism and Christianity.


These are our member organizations:

– All Saints Church

– Progressive Jewish Alliance

– Muslim Public Affairs Council

– Council on American-Islamic Relations

– New Vision Partners

– Pasadena Jewish Temple

– Jews on First

– Islamic Center of Southern California

– Progressive Christians Uniting

– Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice

– Crescenta Valley United Methodist Church

– Hollywood 7th Day Adventist Church

– Beth Shir Shalom

– Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs Progressive Faith Foundation

– Prepare the Future